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Thanksgiving Hours:

11/22 Wed. 9a-5p. 11/23 Thurs. Closed

We will be receiving Minnesota-grown, hormone-free turkeys from 10-24 lbs.

We only have 14-18 lbs left!

Raw=$3.99/lb (Call to order)

Brined= $4.99/lb (Call to order)

Smoked=$5.99/lb (SOLD OUT)

Order while supplies last!

Online Turkey reservations are now closed as of 11/19. Please call us directly for any last-minute inquiries or reservations. Happy Thanksgiving!

Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey Reservation Form

*Online form unvailable after 11/19/23, please call instead

Thanks for Reserving!

Snowland natural young turkey

We have all the side dishes

and fixings prepared for your feast,

so don't forget to pick them up as well!


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