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Deer in Winter

Wild Game Processing

We understand the thrill of the hunt and the pride in bringing home a wild catch. Our wild game processing service ensures that your game is handled with utmost care, skill, and precision. From field-dressed deer, salmon, to game birds, we process each catch to yield the best cuts, ensuring all meat is clean, safe, and delicious.

General Information:

We accept:

  • Hide-off quarters & Boneless trim of game animals.

  • Hide on whole carcass deer and other game animals.

Note: CWD restrictions Deer, Elk, Caribou, Moose, & Antelope from out of Minnesota must be brought in hide-off quarters or trim.

We Require:

  • Hunter's License Registration & Confirmation Number

  • Meat should be clean (no hair, dirt, leaves, etc.) and transported in sealed bags or containers.

Note: We may refuse any meat that is spoiled or not handled properly. ​


Drop off instructions:

During store hours ring the doorbell in the back ally for drop-off.


Important: If you are bringing a trailer it is highly recommended to back up from alley access from White Bear Ave. because the exit to the alley has a tight turn. And to avoid blind spots backing out into a busy road.


Follow Facebook page for when after hour drop-off will be available.

Call 651-777-2455 if you have any Questions.

Directions for Deer Drop off
Autumn Foliage
Venison Donation Program Minnesota

Reduce the deer population & contribute to your local food shelf. Flicker Meat Co. is now a registered processor that prepares your deer to donate.



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