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White Bear Butchery

White Bear Butchery Logo

A Flicker Meat Company
Est. 1985

2002 1/2 County Road E East White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Welcome to the Smoke House

Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Step into the enticing aroma of our Smokehouse, where we bring to life an array of hot and ready culinary delights. 

Smokehouse Schedule:


Thursday Rib Night Special: After 2:30 

  • Baby Backs: $10.99/lb

  • Beef Short Ribs: $14.99/lb
    (Pro tip: These are a favorite! Call ahead to reserve yours.)


Daily BBQ Offerings
While our BBQ is hottest from Thursday to Sunday, we strive to serve up deliciousness every day:

  • Porkbutt: $9.99/lb

  • Brisket: $14.99/lb

  • Burnt Ends: $9.99/lb



Fresh Custom Cuts

Retail Processing



Sandwich & Deli

Wild Game Processing

Livestock Processing

Wild Game Processing
Livestock Processing

White Bear Butchery - A Flicker Meat Company isn't just a meat market; it's a trip down memory lane, rooted in the heart of White Bear Lake since 1985. Stepping inside, it's easy to be transported to idyllic afternoons of backyard barbecues and endless summers by the grill. The tantalizing aroma of smoked meats guides customers to our nostalgic butcher counter, framed by glass showcases flaunting a premium range of steaks, pork, chicken, smoked-cheddar brats, and more.

We pride ourselves on being your all-inclusive grilling destination, stocking everything from succulent fresh cuts to the very charcoal that'll light up your grill. Our butchers, true to the old-fashioned ethos, don't just sell; they educate. They're always eager to delve into the nuances between cuts, offering cooking tips, and of course, custom cutting as per your preferences.

Visit White Bear Butchery today, and rediscover the joys of supporting your local butcher shop.

Flicker Meat Company White Bear Butchery Owner

About Us

I visit Flicker often for their excellent selection of both fresh and processed meats, including brats and jerkey, a terrific deli, and the best customer service anywhere. Every time I walk through the front door one or a few staff members look up from their work and welcome me to the store. And my grilling and smoked meat game has improved significantly with the great ideas I get the guys working. The owner, Jeremy, has tons of good ideas and talks me through any meat grilling or smoking anxiety I might have. Flicker is a destination meat shop.

Tim Wald

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2002 1/2 County Rd E East White Bear Lake, Minnesota 55110  

Monday Closed. Tuesday to Friday 9am-7pm.

Saturday 8am-6pm. Sunday 9am-5pm.


📞 In a sizzle and need a quick answer? Give us a ring for an immediate response!


🌙 For those who love to marinate things overnight, drop us an email, and we'll get back to you when the grill heats up again!

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